5 tips to help you succeed.

Success tips

We have all heard of this saying You can’t do the same thing day after day and expect different results“.

Whatever your goal is, it’s important that you try your best to complete it. If you’re trying to land your dream job, you’re always going to be wondering how close you are to getting it. Success is difficult to achieve, but with a plan, you can start making progress.

Earlier this week I suggested you spend five minutes each day discovering/rediscovering what you want from your life. If you have been doing this, you should be starting to see something about your true self and what your true desires are.

Did you know that many of us:

  • Have a fear of failure to achieve our lifelong goals. – Fear is an illusion created in the mind by the ego.
  • Lack confidence. – Develop your self-confidence and fear will diminish, so you can move forward and create your life on your terms.
  • Worry. – Worry is a form of fear and is just an illusion about something that may happen in the future. Let go of worry and allow something amazing to happen.
  • Have a negative body image and poor self-perception. – A negative body image blocks us from having the life we desire.
  • Wait. –  Do not wait – there will never be the right time to go after what you want. As Nike would say, “Just do it”.

I confess I had to overcome most of these points listed above. I eventually realised that the only thing preventing myself from moving forward was myself!

You are all familiar with the saying, We are, our own worst enemy!” We tell ourselves all the time, the reasons why we can’t have what we want and need in our lives.

Here are your 5 tips to get you started on your journey to success:

Step one:

Ladies, give yourselves a break and commit to moving beyond the things that keep you stuck. Make yourself a list of what is stopping you. Now, write down why these things are keeping you stuck. – Are these things real or just your own fears?

If you are too stuck at this point, contact me directly, I can guide you through this and give you the support you need. bloomforwomen@gmail.com

Step two:

List your top three desires. Write a short note to yourself as to why you need or want these things in your life. Read through them and check that these desires aren’t your ego talking but the authentic you.

Step three:

Once you are sure that these three desires – listed above – are really what you want, say them out aloud. Do this twice a day, for a week. See what happens!

Step four:

Now that you know what your top three desires and wishes are, share them with someone you trust, who you know wont judge you, but will hear you and support you. See how that makes you feel?

Step five:

Find photos – in magazines, or on the web – that inspire you or reflect what reaching your goals look like. Print these out and put them in a prominent place – that you will see every day. Go ahead, I know it sounds crazy, but do it, because the mind is a powerful thing and if it is fed the right information every day, it’s amazing how life can change.

I invite you to comment and let me know what helped you overcome your fears, or if you have any suggestions or questions.

Contact me directly by email: bloomforcoaching@gmail.com

Until next time…

My best – Caron


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